Box O' Steaks

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Work Context
Paid Job
Contribution Level
Completely Independent
Technologies Used
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PayPal API
Not Available

A major site redesign for a fundraiser for Chisholm Services for Children. The site needed a clean, call-to-action look with a minimal budget.

To help the organization save money, the site only uses a single PayPal form to enable users to order the offerings of the site. The ordering process had more than pricing option and more than one option for pickup which is not supported for PayPal's API. JavaScript and jQuery was used to modify hidden form elements for price, product description and pickup location prior to submission to PayPal based on the selection of various ordering options. A validation routine was also created to ensure that the proper selections were made.

While this is not the most secure method possible, it allowed the organization to save thousands of dollars for an online shopping cart solution that it would otherwise spend on its non-profit activities. To better secure this method, the organization was reminded to validate all orders that come in via PayPal to ensure the product's price appropriately matches the amount paid.