Intellectual Property and Licencing of Portfolio Items


I love the idea that my work can continue to benefit someone beyond its initial usefulness to me. I am happy to offer some of my work showcased on this site to be used freely by others with a few exceptions. All work on this site has a license associated with it to indicate what work samples/projects can and can not be used and their acceptable use.

If you do end up using the appropriately licensed project assets, I would love to hear how my work has benefited you. While not required, it is greatly appreciated as it gives me perspective of the value of my work and the place it holds in the world. To let me know what you’re doing, you can contact me through any of the means listed on the contact page.


I have bigger plans for some of the work on this site and therefore do not wish to openly share everything. This is why I have added a licence label to each project on this site. This label helps you identify what I am willing and not willing/able to share.

Not Available

Projects with this label are not mine to give away. Projects with this label will not include downloadable project assets.

All Rights Reserved

Projects with this label indicate most associated project assets are my intellectual property which I do not wish to openly share. Projects with this label will not include downloadable project assets, however products resulting from the project assets--such as compiled executable applications--may be available for purchase.

Permission Required

Projects with this label are my intellectual property and require my express written permission prior to your use. Projects with this label may include downloadable project assets, however access to any assets may also be restricted to those who have obtained permission.

Apache 2.0

Projects with this label are my intellectual property and require any usage to adhere to the Apache 2.0 license. Projects with this label will include downloadable project assets.

Inherited Licenses

For contributions to larger open source projects, the licenses are inherited from their parent project. For details, please refer to the parent project for more information.

Not all contributions to open-source initiatives necessarily inherit their license from the parent project. For example: Plugins developed for open-source platforms may be subject to separate license terms which will be indicated on the project's page and may be included with any available project assets.

Usage of Project Assets

Anything you find on this site that you may happen to use, is done so solely at your own risk. No support for anything found on this website will be provided whatsoever.

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, all project assets distributed on this site are on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

Academic Use and Plagiarism

A significant portion of the work in this portfolio, including this portfolio itself was created as a requirement for graduating from the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). Chances are there may be NSCC students looking for information about me for recruitment purposes, or for ideas on how to complete a particular assignment. A lot of the projects on this site come from assignments that may still be part of the NSCC curriculum and could actively be assigned to students to this date.

This said, if you are a NSCC student or a student of any other educational institution, I implore you, do your own work! As cliché as it is, when you cheat on an assignment you are only cheating yourself. Someday, when you’re interfacing with industry, you will have no idea how something was done, and you will lose out. This could mean failing an interview, being laid off or even getting fired for incompetence.

There are, of course, more immediate consequences for plagiarism like academic probation or expulsion. I have seen this happen to others and I do not want you to go through the same thing. I will refer you to NSCC’s Policies and Procedures Page for more information.

This said, I don’t think you shouldn’t benefit from my work altogether, so please, feel free to look, see and understand how something was done. Make sure to understand everything you look at thoroughly, get ideas and then create you own unique implementation.