Bella Rose Arts Centre Marketing Automation Monthly Newsletter

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Completely Independent
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HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal
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Being the only person running the theater office I took it upon myself on the more quiet days over the holidays and during the summer to try to automate my job as much as possible. This would ensure that my time was being used as effectively as possible and that I could continue do maintain a high standard level of output even during the incredibly busy Spring season. Part of the contract when one rents the Bella Rose Arts Centre is that we provide some small complementary marketing, listing on our website, Facebook, Twitter, our newsletter and our Electronic Signage in the lobby. While all of this may seem like a lot of work for one person to do while running a busy venue single-handedly, doing all of this was as simple as adding the event to the theatre's website using the Event content type, once completed, the website would do the rest.

The Monthly Newsletter is populated from two content types; Events and Newsletter Components. Events are automatically included in the newsletter if their schedule includes a date in the future. Newsletter Components sent out using the SimpleNews module are automatically included based on their priority and their expiry date (whether they would appear before or after the event).

A second monthly newsletter consisting only of event titles, dates and times are automatically sent to media outlets such as The Coast and The Chronicle Herald.