Super Fav Videos

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School Assignment
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Completely Independent
Technologies Used
Java, Android

This was the final assignment for the Introduction to Android Development course. It was designed to demonstrate everything that we learned during the course. The task was to create a simple video player that stored a list of video references and metadata, along with a user specified star rating, in an SQLite database for data persistence. I extended this assignment to retrieve metadata from the YouTube API taking the title and description from YouTube instead of allowing the user to specify the data for these fields. The only thing the users would need to provide is the YouTube video id, and the app does the rest.

App Details

Users can add YouTube videos by specifying the video's respective id. The application retrieves all relevant metadata, including a thumbnail and stores the video in the SQLite database with a zero star rating. The contents of the SQLite database is populated and displayed in a list in the app, which allows users to select the video they wish to watch. While watching videos, users can specify their own star rating, which upon selection is instantaneously saved .