Chief Executive Officer

Almighty Software Company
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
March 2016 - May 2017

The Almighty Software Company was created as a means of fulfilling NSCC’s required first work term. A group of 8 students including myself got together to do this because we wanted to do more than just one industry grade project that would never be seen by anyone outside of school. We wanted to try our hand at creating a project that could be used in a mass market setting with the hopes that we would gain traction and create work for ourselves. Basing ourselves out of Volta Lab’s co-working space, we were invited to present at their 2016 Demo Camp.

While we failed to gain enough traction, we gained a mountain of experience and put in more than triple the amount of time required to complete the first work term. By doing this, we pioneered the start-up option for fulfilling the first work term, as NSCC has never had a group of students approach a work term the way we did. NSCC ended up featuring Almighty as part of its 2017 marketing campaign.

  • Lead and managed a group of 7 people as the managing partner of the company.
  • Maintained financial and shareholder’s reports.
  • Assisted the Chief Financial Officer in maintaining financial accounts using the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals.
  • Held regular board meetings with partners to update and collect feedback on current progress.
  • Participated in project planning and design.
  • Managed multiple virtual servers using the ZenServer hypervisor.
  • Managed a web hosting server using a LAMP stack.
  • Taught team members how to use the Drupal 7 content management system.
  • Assisted team members with code troubleshooting.
  • Networked with potential business partners.
  • Drafted partnership agreements.
  • Gave performance feedback to team members.
  • Designed and presented a product demonstration presentation.