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HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Git
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TorChan was the final Rich Internet Applications assignment. It was designed to demonstrate CRUD using AJAX calls to a server serving JSON. This single page web app was designed to imitate the linking functionality of 4Chan, the imageboard website. While there is no image posting support on the site, the site can automatically create links to other content within the site when a user refers to its content number starting with the number sign in any body content area. It allows anyone to create, read, update or delete all content. This demonstration website is not public because of universal CRUD access for all users without authentication. For the demonstration, the database was served using JSON Server.

Extra effort went into designing the user interface, making it as simple and as self-explanatory as possible. This also includes the use of animations to show what happens to content as the user manipulates it.