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Completely Independent
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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX, JSON
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This is a single page web app, designed in the image of Microsoft's OneNote Online service. In fact, it uses Microsoft OneNote's sometimes temperamental API for data persistence. Using the Microsoft Account API for authentication, NoteZero creates its own notebook and section within that notebook, so that other notes created by the user on other platforms are not impacted nor visible to this app. While separating notes created by other OneNote clients from NoteZero is not very practical from a user point of view, it is practical if you are a developer making an app on an account that all of your important school notes are on. I needed to isolate my notes from NoteZero's, so I extended the assignment to do just that.

This web app includes standard search, creation, update, read and delete functionality, as well as a WYSIWYG editor and an operation log for troubleshooting, accessible from the information icon in the lower left-hand side of the application. It was created using Quill (WYSIWYG), Javascript, jQuery, and jQueryUI. All CSS used in the styling of the app was written by myself with the exclusion of the spinner, which was borrowed from W3Schools.