Bella Rose Arts Centre

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Completely Independent
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HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal
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I inherited this website's base design, when the Chair of the theatre's board of directors decided that the website updates were taking too long. Clients were calling him and demanding their event be posted immediately. At that time my job was only to forward update requests to the theatre's webmaster and hope that the updates would be processed in a timely manner. I convinced the Chair of the board to allow me to convert the current website into a Drupal website, so that events could be easily added to the site and past events would show up automatically on an archive page. The board of directors wanted to ensure branding consistency, so they asked to have the new site look similar to the static site that it was replacing.

Over time the site was modified and adapted to sell general seating tickets, collect booking information from clients, collect payments for rental deposits and invoices, and assist with the automatic marketing of events on various mediums. The website itself uses over 10 Content Types to facilitate the various functions and requirements that have been added to it over the years.

This website was retired in 2017 with a change of theatre management.