Bella Rose Arts Centre Event Marketing Automation Electronic Signage

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Paid Job
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Completely Independent
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PHP, Drupal, CSS, JavaScript
Not Available

Being the only person running the theater office, I took it upon myself on the more quiet days over the holidays and during the summer, to try to automate my job as much as possible. This would ensure that my time was being used as effectively as possible and that I could continue to maintain a high standard level of output even during the incredibly busy spring season. Part of the contract, when one rents the Bella Rose Arts Centre, is that we provide some small complementary marketing, listing on our website, Facebook, Twitter, our newsletter and our Electronic Signage in the lobby. While all of this may seem like a lot of work for one person to do while running a busy venue single-handedly, doing all of this was as simple as adding the event to the theatre's website using the Event content type, once completed and the website would do the rest.

The Electronic Signage is populated from two content types; Events, and Static Slides. The Event content type is populated throughout the entire website and is also used to populate the monthly newsletter. The Static Slide content type consists of only PNG images, which are used for advertisements for other things such as the theatre's social media accounts and theatre rentals. There is also a script on this page that pings the database, checking for any updates every few seconds. When there is an update to any of the content it is showing, the slideshow is automatically refreshed.

See link for a live demonstration of the electronic signage. The page is best viewed in full-screen mode on a 1080P display.

This was retired in 2017 with a change of theatre management.