Blind Date With a Star

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HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal
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When the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia shut down after several decades of successful operations, it transferred some of its most vital programs and fundraisers to Chisholm Services for Children. I too was part of this transfer. When Chisholm inherited the fundraiser, "Blind Date With a Star", its board of directors decided to change how the fundraiser was branded. They provided me with a new logo and asked me to create a site that would match. They wanted to keep costs to an absolute minimum including site content maintenance, asking specifically for a site that would be easy to edit on their own. Borrowing the theme template of the school websites (see related projects), I gutted the site's basic structure and started with new content types that would be suitable for the fundraiser. These content types, like the content types selected for the school sites, are designed to reduce the amount of hands-on editing, by providing plain text fields that do not accept any formatting to ensure template adherence.

A major difference between this site and the school sites, is the ability for the editor to select their own hero graphics in the headers of every page by using a built-in image cropping tool found in the Edit Page form.

Note: This website is no longer on the internet.