École Burton Ettinger School

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Completely Independent
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HTML, CSS, PHP, Drupal
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This Drupal 7 website was developed to replace a Microsoft FrontPage website. It was designed with a new modern look, at a significantly inexpensive price, and emphasized ease of editing for those less experienced in the art of web development. To ease the burden of the population of data in the website and to preserve the intended look of the template, the website is broken down into several content types, which are automatically populated in various forms throughout the site:

  • Events: School calendar items.
  • News: News items for the front page.
  • Newsletters: PDF versions of notices and other school flyers that would otherwise be sent home with students on paper.
  • Staff: An individual in the database, used for easy maintenance staff list including contact information and positions in the school.
  • Basic Page: For when none of the above items suffice, also generally intended for items of permanence.

This site also features an automated mailing system. Every night via a CRON run, the website checks for new newsletters and then sends email notifications to parents who have signed up for the automated newsletter service. This is achieved with the Drupal 7 Rules module.

This site is also set up to allow school organizations such as the PTA to edit pages associated with their respective organization on the site without being granted editing access to other parts of the site.

Finally, the custom theme and site database were designed, so that it could easily be copied and adapted for use in other school websites. Two other schools use this same general site concept with slight modifications.

Note: This website is no longer on the internet.